Site update for the HO scale sections April 06 2015

Major update to the HO section of the web site.  I have significantly reduced and simplified the number of items you see on the initial "collections" page.  Variations are now in drop down boxes under each item.  For instance all four variations of mainline (scale 18" high) roadbed, beveled bendable, beveled straight, non beveled bendable, non beveled straight are in a drop down box under Mainline (18") roadbed instead of being four different items that had to be searched out individually.  I have also made descriptions more consistent across the site in order to make your choices clearer.  Under the "Panels" section there are now options for panels from 4" up to 24" wide in 2" increments.  Please pay attention to the note there regarding shipping of the larger panels.  I will be rolling these style changes out to the other scales as I get time.  It should not take too long until you see the changes throughout the site.  I hope this makes your shopping easier and, as always, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want a product that you do not see listed currently.