California Roadbed closed March 03 2016

  I have no specific knowledge of this but their web site is down, Google listing has them as closed and customers are reporting to me that they are finding them closed as well.  If this is incorrect I apologize.

   This is as much a surprise to me as it probably is to many others.  I do not know exactly how this will impact my business going forward but I have already started to see an increase in orders.  The first thing I am concerned about is getting orders out to customers on time.  Current lead times are about two weeks.  If order volume increases significantly I might not be able to keep to that schedule.  I will keep it as short as possible but there might (I stress might) be some delays as I adjust to this news.  Please bear with me if there are delays during this transition time.

  I want to let former customers of California Roadbed and potential customers know that although many of my products do not match their specifications I will be happy to match dimensions of their products so that you can complete your projects. Please contact me with your specific requirements and let me see how we can best serve your roadbed needs going forward.

  Thank you for your patronage so far and I look forward to serving my existing and new customers for long into the future.

Steve Cox