On30 roadbed added March 02 2015

On30 roadbed in two thicknesses (scale 6" and 9") has been added along with turnout pads for Micro Engineering #5 turnouts.  Micro Engineering was kind enough to provide me with diagrams for all of their turnouts in all scales so I can make any of those now upon request.  The two thicknesses are 1/8" and 3/16" actual and a scale 6' across the top (1.5" actual).  Both have 30 degree shoulder bevels.

Custom cutting November 19 2014

There has been considerable interest from people asking me if I can make roadbed compatible with other manufacturers products.  The simple answer is yes, I can and will.  My desire is to make products that are closer to scale size and that is what my products reflect.  However, should you desire a product in a size that you do not see, please contact me and we will get it made and shipped out to you.  Whether it be from another manufacturer, prototype engineering drawings, or just your imagination, I am here to make the products that you need to make your model railroading better.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.  Thank you.

More new products October 13 2014

I have just added transition ramps for all of the HO scale roadbed sizes.  1.5% curvable with bevels matching which ever roadbed you wish to have.  I have also added 4" and 6" panels in both 12 scale inches (3.5mm) and 18 scale inches (5mm) thicknesses.

Newest products August 22 2014

I just added turnout pads in my scale 12"h and 45 degree shoulder collection.  This has been the most popular collection so far and seemed to be the best place to start.  I added pads for both Atlas code 83 and Walthers / Shinohara #6 Left and Right turnouts, again because of popularity.  If there is a product that you would like to see me make please let me know.  The list of what I want to do keeps growing longer but I am more interested in making what you, the customer, want to see.