On30 Light Duty, beveled, bendable, scale 6" high and 6' across top. 8' bundle

$ 7.70

Roadbed that fits your On30 track with scale width and thickness for best appearance.  This roadbed gives you a scale 6" high profile (1/8" actual) which is thinner than HO scale cork.  It also has a 30 degree shoulder bevel to better match most prototypes.  It is a scale 6' (1.5" actual) across the top and 2" across the bottom.  18" minimum radius is standard though it can be manufactured to have a tighter radius, please let us know when ordering.

NOTE:  This roadbed is not suitable for hand spiking your rail down.  It is too thin.  It is excellent for gluing flextrack and PC board hand laid track.               If  you need a product for hand laying, please contact us and we will assist you in getting a product that suits your needs.

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