On3 roadbed, scale 9" high, 30 degree shoulders, 8'

$ 9.68

This roadbed gives a decent profile in height without appearing too heavy duty.  The width is such that the slope falls away right from the end of a scale 7' tie to give that "light" look so associated with narrow gauge.  The scale dimensions are 9" high, 7'" across the top with a 30 degree (2:1 ratio) shoulder slope.  The non beveled options are the same width as the bottom of the beveled roadbed. The actual dimensions are .1875" thick (3/16"), 1.78" across the top (1 25/32"), 2.5" across the bottom (2 1/2"") and 32" long.  Minimum radius for the bendable products is 24".  The roadbed is sold in units of 8'.  What you receive will be two bundles of 3 strips for each 8' you order.  Each bundle has halves of the roadbed.  Select one piece from each bundle to make 32" of roadbed.  Use all six pieces to make 8' of roadbed.

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