Homabed Compatible Main Line roadbed, HO scale, 60 degree shoulders, 8'

$ 7.85

This roadbed is made to the specifications of Homabed HO main line roadbed.  It is 1 3/8" across the top. 2 3/16" across the bottom and .240" thick.  Minimum radius is 18".  non beveled strips are 2 3/16" across. The bevel is specified here as 60 degrees because that is the Homabed designation.  It is the same as the 30 degree bevel designation that is used elsewhere on this site. 

NOTE:  This product is not intended for someone who is starting a new layout.  Please use our other products in order to take full advantage of our roadbed system.  This product is intended for those customers who are part way through a project and are having difficulty sourcing this roadbed elsewhere.

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